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Month: October 2019


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Event-goers view cleanliness as a function of the quality of service. During events, restrooms and concession stands can quickly become messy and soiled. If you do not have professional cleaners maintaining these areas, customer satisfaction can decrease, and some attendees may not feel comfortable in such an environment. As you know, if your patrons’ needs remain unmet, they may choose to go elsewhere. #facts#truth#JaniKing#Weknowclean#KingofClean#keepingAustinclean#Austin

Office Managers

When office managers do their part to ensure that their workers operate in a space that is clean and free of clutter, there is an increased level of productivity in staff. Clean work stations allow for a clear mind, with aids in focus and task completion! Let Jani-King help you with the daily cleaning of your office space. #cleanliness#focus#productivity#JaniKing#Austin

Commercial Cleaners

Hospitals and medical facilities are among the most challenging environments for commercial cleaners. Jani-King ensures the safety of patients, hospital staff, and cleaning crews by following guidelines and procedures for safe and thorough cleaning of a variety of healthcare settings. Our cleaning teams are well versed in OSHA compliance, hospital-grade cleaning products, and handling of bloodborne pathogens. You can trust your healthcare facility in the hands of Jani-King. #healthcare#cleaning#OSHA#compliant#safe#JaniKing#Austin

Jani King Blog

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