Jani-King of Austin Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Month: March 2020


Love to Clean

How many people can say they LOVE to clean, genuinely find joy in the everyday mundane leaning tasks at the office or store? Well, at Jani-King we take our love of cleaning very seriously! Give us a call today to find out how we can show your building the love of cleaning!

Do you Love to Clean? Then give us a call to find out more about our franchise opportunities – No experience necessary! #JaniKing #Austin #KingofClean

Clean Work Stations

When office managers do their part to ensure that their workers operate in a space that is clean and free of clutter, there is an increased level of productivity in staff. Clean work stations allow for a clear mind, with aids in focus and task completion! Let Jani-King help you with the daily cleaning of your office space. #cleanliness#focus#productivity#JaniKing#Austin

We can Clean it!

Own a business of any kind with a physical address? We can clean it! Check out our commercial cleaning services on our website, you will be glad you did!

https://www.jkaustin.us/services/Jani-King’s expert janitorial management team will tailor a cleaning program for your building’s specific needs. We service all types of industries.

Customer Service

Customer service is important, but did you know polls indicate that customers value cleanliness over all else? Luckily, so does Jani-King of Austin! Want to give your customers what they’re asking for? Then give us a call, and we can ensure your stores, buildings, offices, & more exceed customer expectations. #cleanliness#aboveallelse#JaniKing#Austin#commercial#cleaning#services