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Month: March 2021


Ultimate Return to Work Checklist

Before you get back to business, have you thought about how to open and the condition of your building? Many buildings have been shuttered for weeks, leaving you with quite a to-do list. To help, our corporate headquarters has created this handy checklist that covers important and often forgotten items! Need help getting these things done? Call Jani-King of Austin! #COVID19#janikingaustin#Austin#Texas#centraltexas#austinbusinesses#austinsmallbusiness

Download your Ultimate Return to Work Checklist for Cleaning & Disinfecting here:https://emma-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/…/CD0420-0077.pdf

Clean-Hands, Clean Surfaces

Did you know that Jani-King of Austin has already been dutifully encouraging proper handwashing for decades? Our clean-hands, clean-surfaces program focuses on educating about the importance of handwashing to reduce the spread of illness in the workplace. Want a commercial cleaning company that uses common sense practices – and also meets the CDC guidelines on sanitization and disinfecting? Contact us today!

Are you Following CDC Guidelines in Austin, Texas?

Sme business owner woman opens coffee shop and food,after the government relax quarantine measures to prevent epidemic. Premium Photo

The CDC recommends all businesses develop a plan for cleaning and disinfecting your facility – while wearing proper PPE, following all CDC guidelines, using only EPA approved disinfectants, and complying with OSHA standards.

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry!

This is where the knowledge and resources of Jani-King of Austin comes in! We can take care of all your facility’s cleaning and disinfecting needs, keeping your employees and customers safe while you focus on keeping your doors open!