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Do you know what customers value most?

Jani-King Austin provides dedicated and experienced retail cleaning and bank cleaning professionals that can handle any challenge. Whether you’re running a shopping center, bank, supermarket or car dealership, Jani-King has highly trained janitorial franchisees who stop at nothing to deliver unrivaled cleaning and janitorial services to the people who matter most in your business – your customers. Routine store cleaning, bank cleaning, and all other retail cleaning is essential.

Office Cleaning Tip of the Week #4

Office Cleaning Tip of the Week #4
When cleaning be sure to know safety procedures and obtain any required protective gear for the task. For instances, when mopping, always place caution signs to warn others that the floors may be wet. Taking the appropriate steps can reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents.

Safety should be the number one priority for any reputable commercial cleaning company.

Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Austin

Jani-King franchise owners are trained in the best green cleaning service practices and regularly use:
– Environmentally preferable products
– Microfiber systems
– Floor matting
– HEPA/ULPA vacuums
– Specialized chemical dispensing systems


Office Cleaning Tip of the Week #3

Office Cleaning Tip of the Week #3
Office desks contain more than 400 times the number of germs as a bathroom toilet, germs that contribute to U.S. workers taking an average of seven sick days per year. Regularly sanitized work spaces can reduce the number of sick days while increasing overall office productivity.
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Private School Cleaning Services in Austin

In the competitive private school industry, aesthetics play a large part in the decision-making of prospective students and parents. With Jani-King you can be confident that your facility will always meet the cleaning standards you have set for your institution.

Office Cleaning Tip of the Week #2

Office Cleaning Tip of the Week #2
Restroom cleanliness is not only a necessity, but it is also a matter of safety for both customers and employees. Restrooms are typically high traffic areas that leave an impression on overall office cleanliness. In addition to daily sanitation, take time to ensure necessary items are in stock – such as paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soap.
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First Impressions with Commercial Cleaning in Austin

Research shows that in the first 30 seconds upon entering an establishment, a new customer forms an immediate impression of your business. Customers may base 70 percent of their perception on their first impression, which includes cleanliness inside and outside of the facility. Presenting your customers with a clean building will help you establish a strong first impression to your customers – and increase the chances of repeat visits.

Office Cleaning Tip #1

Office Cleaning Tip of the Week #1Keeping office spaces clear of clutter is an important part of instilling and maintaining trust with clients. An office that is disorganized and cluttered lacks a professional image, which can negatively impact how clients view your ability to manage their needs.


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Customers Expect Clean Facilities – We can Help!

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