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Trust Jani-King with your cleaning needs!

Check out our commercial cleaning services at When it comes to high quality solutions to your commercial cleaning needs, Jani-King of Austin is the name you can trust! #CommercialCleaning#Jkaustin#JaniKing#Austin#texas

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Customers Expect Clean Facilities – We can Help!

Your customers expect only the best, which is why we provide only the best retail cleaning services in Austin. We handle the details of keeping your store clean and sanitized so your customers can spend more time shopping and less time wondering what’s on the floors of your changing rooms. #Retail #Shopping #Business #Brand #Clean #Austin #Best #KeepAustinClean #JaniKing

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Cleaning High Touch Surfaces

Handles, tables, and counters are touched by many customers throughout a typical shopping day – each spreading and picking up germs. Cold and flu viruses are still apart of our world. Our retail cleaning services help to decrease the spread of illnesses, making for happier, healthier shoppers. #Retail#Shopping#Business#Brand#Austin#Cleaning#Germs#Flu#Covid19#NotTodayVirus#JaniKing#KeepingAustinClean

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How Clean is Your Building?

Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that each door knob, handle, and light switch in your building are sanitized using proven products that kill COVID19 and Flu germs? Here’s why should you consider hiring a professional cleaning company like Jani-King:• We clean so you can worry less!• Healthy employees are productive employees• Clean environments boost moral• Customers and clients are more likely to returnOr maybe you’re an employee looking to make sure you and fellow coworkers are

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Retail Cleaning Services in Austin

First impressions and cleanliness have always been an vital part of making and keeping loyal customers, but now it’s more important than ever before. Your store is a visual representation of your brand, and customers want to know your brand values them as customers and puts their safety first. Ask how Jani-King can provide your customers with safe facilities, dust-free surfaces, and polished floors.#Retail#Shopping#Business#Brand#Clean#Austin#JaniKing#KeepAustinClean

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Medical Facility Cleaning Services in Austin

Hospitals and medical facilities are among the most challenging environments for commercial cleaners. Jani-King ensures the safety of patients, hospital staff, and cleaning crews by following guidelines and procedures for safe and thorough cleaning of a variety of healthcare settings. Our cleaning teams are well versed in OSHA compliance, hospital-grade cleaning products, and handling of blood borne pathogens. You can trust your healthcare facility in the hands of Jani-King. #healthcare #cleaning #OSHA #compliant #safe #JaniKing #Austin

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